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August 29, 2008, 6:51 pm
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::: Or, How I Spent My Summer Vacation

::: (Or, How I’ve Spent the Better Part of My Early Adulthood)

Every self-respecting internet addict thinks and/or writes about the ease with which a simple search for a simple thing turns into six hours of wikipedia, youtube, and possibly hgtv.com.  Despite that it has been done before, despite my inability to profess my addiction as real and despite my general lack of self-respect, I present the readers with another journey through the gooey labyrinth of the human mind when met with the labyrinth of the endless internet.

The day started out with a quick search for “cute kitties sleeping” on youtube, to send to my sad friend.  I encountered this

and laughed as only a girl who loves kitties can.  I watched it approximately three times.

Related videos eventually brought me to panda bears.

From there, I started to think about how biologists in China are working on reviving the Giant Panda population and then remembered that sometimes Panda mothers give birth to twins but abandon one in order to devote their time to the other. I wondered how caretakers were faring with raising the abandoned twin and thought of how the orphaned cub would develop, separated from its mother and raised by well-meaning humans.

I also thought of Molly Lambert’s love of Pandas and visited her tumblr to review some of the cute baby Panda pictures that she is wont to post.

From there, sloth bears.

Sloth bears are normally seen as docile but can be the most unpredictable of all bears in terms of attacks on humans when encountered.  They are also the most used in India as dancing bears, reduced to performing grotesque acts of dance in parody of popular Bollywood style.  They are subdued with viscous metal hooks in their tender nose.  Many rescue organizations exist to create a sanctuary for these animals but none can wholly re-indoctrinate the message that animals are not ours as property, and not ours to control.

Next, I decided to work on my upcoming post for This Recording.  I had intended to write about all of the different interpretations of mind over matter: physic healing, telekinesis, maybe even some talk about Dr. Emoto’s water crystals.  Halfway through the research I decided that what I was finding was much more entertaining.  Nothing that I researched made it into the post.

Mind over matter brought thoughtography.  It is the process by which psychics conjure images and then photograph them.  It has long been discredited but the allure nevertheless remains.

Every time I search for more than an hour, Tesla comes up.

This post was originally going to be intended for This Recording but it just didn’t come together.  That site needs gold, or at least an A for Effort on my part.  My own site gets the dregs. I just didn’t want all of this typing to go to waste.

Because I stopped at this point, I don’t accurately remember what the rest of the day involved.  Rest assured that there was likely some Tom Waits, some Star Trek and likely lots of laughing.


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I’m always caught in a tangent, looking at a website and then suddenly pausing to ask: how the hell did I get here?

Tom Waits, Star Trek and laughter are really the only details people need to remember.

Comment by A Strange Boy

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