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~On This Day in Old Timey Days :: Baseball and Perfectionism
June 21, 2008, 12:06 pm
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:: July 21 . 1964 ::

Future baseball Hall-of-Famer and U.S. senator Jim Bunning pitches a perfect game for the Philadelphia Phillies, the first perfect game in the National League in 84 years.

Those who know me may not consider me a perfectionist as I normally have food in my hair, I often end my sentences in prepositions and I honestly don’t do much at all.  But,  in my imperfect little heart, I desire absolute compliance with my utopian ideals.  


Knowing that perfection is not a logical or sustainable choice really does nothing to deter my unconscious. 

Instead of beginning and succeeding at projects, I set my sights on the infallible end goal.  Any failure on my part to live up to my expectations causes such projects to be forgotten.  

Perfection only exists in math.



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