Our Hell

~How To Alienate Yourself :: Word Usage at Work
June 21, 2008, 12:47 pm
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“After ample consideration of the upward thrust we have just ridden, I think it would be inscrutable to take this company in a new and exciting direction.  Inter-managerial relations are in the midst of an orgiastic flurry of reinvention and reassessment. We need to have all of our aces in the hole and all of our best men on the job. It’s time to solidify the investors’ desires and get anal about our technical development.  We fixed up that axe wound from our last bust well, we just need to remember to cover our assets.  The back-end approach we’ve been taking could be revamped and overhauled.  We will be moving bilaterally, and urging all of you to hang on.  It may be hard at first but if we all get our hands a little dirty and put our nose to the grindstone, I believe we can have at ‘er and see this through to the climax.  After all, we don’t want to have egg on our face.  We want to come out smiling.  

Randy, I believe you wanted to give your oral presentation next?”



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