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~On This Day in Old Timey Days :: Spelling and Cannibalism
May 29, 2008, 1:56 am
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:: May 29, 1986 ::

During the 59th National Spelling Bee: Jon Pennington wins by spelling odontalgia.


A medical condition described as a state in which a tooth exudes great pain but no cause can be found.

Symptoms may be described as a continuous burning or aching pain in the tooth or the bone surrounding the tooth. Despite examination and even surgical procedures, nothing is medically wrong with the sufferer.

This condition has been ascribed to a few probable causes including psychological disorders, nerve damage and vascular problems.

What I Think:

Most likely this phenomenon is caused by psychological disorders caused by a patient’s deep desire to engage in cannibalistic rituals. It is a classic example of the ability of the brain to localize physical pain in the area most affected by suppressed thoughts.

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